Orientation and Mobility

refers to a specialist that teaches the blind or visually impaired person how to travel safely and independently in all environments with confidence, safety and poise. The techniques taught include cane skills, sighted guide, sensory and concept development and the use of low vision aids.  The amount of instruction is determined by the extent of the vision loss and designed for the individual’s specific needs. These special skills allow the person and family members the ability to travel together comfortably and safely.

I will teach you skills that will help simplify your life.

My years of experience enable me to provide you with valuable advice and in-home skills to help make your everyday activities safe and comfortable.


Rehabilitation Services

offers skills to improve the overall quality of life for those with visual impairments, providing personalized education, training and tools to the individual and their family members.  All aspects of daily living are addressed and specific strategies and devices allow the person to perform all activities in their home with grace and confidence.  The personal independence gained offers hope and encouragement to continue to live life to the fullest extent.

    • Kitchen safety
    • Personal needs
    • Writing checks
    • Using a phone
    • Matching clothes
    • Identifying labels
    • Identifying money
    • Eating skills
    • Labeling dials / buttons
    • Inserting keys / plugs


     > Walking safely and confidently in any environment