Last July, Lori Mulder suggested that I try the Solo on a 30-day trial basis.  I set it up and began reading the day's mail.  I was hooked!  The Solo converts the printed word into clear speech word by word, sentence by sentence, page by page.  Now it is six months later, and I use the Solo every day to read the mail, to check up on happenings at the senior living center where I now live, and even to read the dinner menu.

Lori Mulder knows I am the kind of person who wants to be as independent as possible.  Now I can get rid of junk mail immediately and save what I need help with for a time when I can get a reader to help me.  I have known Lori for a number of years, and I am sure she would not sell somebody a product that would not be beneficial.  She is an experienced certified mobility specialist and a specialized teacher of visually impaired students.  She brings training, experience, and empathy in all of her relationships.  She truly brought me a greater level of independence.


~ George Ossentjuk



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